Southeast Works Closely With Electrical Contractors on Lighting Projects

Southeast Lighting & Design has recently grown its customer base among electrical contractors, becoming the go-to lighting supplier for multiple firms.

“Southeast Lighting & Design is our first call,” said Matt Gera of Preston Link Electric in Gainesville, Fla. “Southeast Lighting & Design and [Technical Manager] Graham [Brown] have taken big steps to make sure we have the right documents for permitting offices and receive products in the right amount of time. We haven’t had any issues with our customers, and we’ve been very pleased.”

Electrical contactors like Preston Link rely on lighting suppliers to deliver the correct solutions to their commercial and residential customers. According to Gera, LEDs have become the standard in the industry. He often doesn’t offer his customers legacy fixtures like metal halides and incandescent bulbs.

“I pretty much price out LEDs and don’t really give them a choice,” Gera said. “The technology has come down in price a lot—that’s a big part of it.”

For Southeast Lighting & Design, working with electrical contractors means its team can focus on designing layouts using photometric analysis and sourcing the perfect fixtures for each application. Brown and his associates then work with the contractor to ensure the installation portion of the job is done seamlessly.

“When electrical contractors see our product and use our product, they are always impressed,” Brown said. “Because of the detail we’re able to provide in terms of photometrics, the contractor can make sure everything goes in the right place. They don’t just slap them up and hope for the best.”

Southeast Lighting & Design has also done multiple jobs for contractors like Strada Electric in Sanford, Fla., Windsor Electric in Orlando and Carpenter Electric in West Palm Beach.

“We’ve had some electricians switch firms and still come back to using our products and services,” Brown said. “We take all the pressure off from a lighting design perspective.”

Brown said electrical contractors have come to Southeast Lighting & Design for new construction and retrofit jobs, including for parking lots, tennis courts, church exteriors, and other applications.

“The product sells itself,” Gera said. “The big name brands want twice as much as Southeast Lighting & Design does for its fixtures. We started partnering with Southeast Lighting & Design…and we’ve sold more and more products.”

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Southeast Lighting & Design approved for the FDOT Approved Product’s List (APL)

Southeast Lighting & Design’s LED Street Light was recently approved by the Florida Department of Transportation to be listed as a Conventional LED Fixture on the State’s Approved products list (APL).

Our fixture was able to pass the many requirements of the FDOT, including the build/design of the fixture, as well as meeting the requirements in a Photometric Plan on AGI32.

LED Street Light


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