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Nothing pulls your home together quite like your yard. It’s your hosting space, your getaway, and your fingerprint on the neighborhood. Here at Southeast Lighting & Design, we’ve transformed the way you can bring that yard to life. As Florida’s premier landscaping design experts, we utilize the latest in design technology as well as top-of-the-line all-weather lighting fixtures. We’ve brought a whole new way to bring your outdoor space to life- energy efficient color-changing LEDs to pathway and accent lighting, our lighting repertoire utilizes the best tech in landscape lighting today. We can immerse your yard in color and sound or bring your garden and flower beds to life with subtle lighting. With an internet connection, you can fully control the timing, color, and brightness of your design- giving your outdoor space the ability to change with the seasons. We service and install landscape lighting packages in the Pinellas and Hillsborough County regions but can design and ship world-wide! Contact us today to discuss options for your outdoor space.

LEDs Join the New Wave of Farming Technology

Sorting, washing, packing, shipping, repeat- that’s the day-to-day grind for most in the farming and agricultural sector. When you think of farming, you think of day’s old traditions passed down from generation to generation.

You’d be wrong.

Today, farming is one of the most technologically advanced fields we see. We see new technology in tractors and other equipment that makes the process as efficient as possible. That’s the same approach we see at Veg King in Central Florida. One of the first packing houses to go full LED in central Florida- Veg King has brought a new standard to the process. We were able to completely customize the lighting plan. We provided higher wattages and different lens types in areas where they needed it most while maximizing the overall efficiency of the lighting plan by reducing wattages where it wasn’t needed as much. LEDs in agriculture are becoming more prevalent. Veg King’s D.R. Harris, a 4th generation farmer, told us, “We’re able to provide our buyers will higher quality produce. The new LEDs give us the ability to see imperfections we normally wouldn’t have caught. That’s huge for us as a company. We’re able to load our produce onto the trucks for market with more confidence.”

“Farming is an ever-evolving field. Being able to provide Central Florida growers and packing houses with industry-leading LED technology was a big step forward for us. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our energy use. Being able to help them solve an issue they didn’t know they had as well as lower their energy consumption feels great.”

Photometric Design

Photometric Design

Here at Southeast Lighting & Design, we’re able to provide you with a photometric plan that will fit your company’s needs and budget. Purchasing a lighting package in the Tampa Bay Area, but need a Photometric Plan for owner approval? We can help with that. In cases where we’re able to quote the fixtures, we can provide your Photometric Plan for free. Is your client’s new project on a tight budget? We can help alleviate some costs with our low prices on photometric plans to help keep your project moving forward. Photometric Plans pricing and questions are available for any client by contacting us at or calling us at 727-914-9002.

September 2021: Lighting the Locals – Feather Sound Country Club


Southeast Lighting & Design worked with a nearby country club to bring members top-ranked lighting.

Feather Sound Country Club in Clearwater, Florida, has been a premier tennis and golf destination for Pinellas County residents for almost 50 years. Located just down US 19 from Feather Sound in St. Petersburg, Southeast Lighting & Design is a premier LED lighting provider.

The two organizations made natural partners when the renowned club decided to update its tennis court lighting several months ago.

“They went to several LED companies for bids, but we were the most competitive,” Graham Brown said. “We also offered the best photometric lighting design for their criteria.”

Southeast Lighting & Design has become an expert in tennis court lighting, a critical area for any country club. For Feather Sound, Southeast Lighting & Design provided a flawless photometric design for nine tennis courts and eventually replaced the club’s 54 legacy 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures with 54 LED area lights at only 360 watts apiece. Welch Tennis, a court builder with which Southeast Lighting & Design has become a consistent partner, redid Feather Sound’s tennis court surfaces after the lighting project was completed.

After the upgrades, Feather Sound expects to see 70% lower power bills and spend considerably less on lighting maintenance, all while having a brighter court at night. Southeast Lighting & Design was able to reuse the club’s existing light poles, saving Feather Sound even more money than expected.

“We worked with their tennis pro to find the exact lighting levels they wanted and were able to achieve a more than 30 footcandle average,” Brown said. “Another advantage to LEDs is that they turn on right when you flip the switch, unlike Feather Sound’s old metal halide fixtures, which took several minutes to warm up to full brightness.”

Southeast Lighting & Design has now completed many major court lighting projects, including for Tampa Palms, a planned community in New Tampa just north of the University of South Florida, the City of Safety Harbor, Live Oaks Reserve in Oviedo, Eastwood Tennis Courts in Orlando, the Village of Woodland Hills in Palm Harbor, Bayport HOA in Hillsborough County, Freedom Park in Kissimmee, and Advenir Magnolia in Orlando.

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Southeast Lighting & Design Shines Light on New Publix

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The LED lighting firm has completed another high-end retail project.

Southeast Lighting & Design recently completed its latest new construction retail lighting project, this time for commercial real estate developer Stiles Corporation at The Monarch Town Center in Miramar, Florida.

The Publix-anchored shopping center in Broward County features more than 140 LED fixtures and more than 90 light poles provided by Tarpon Springs-based Southeast Lighting & Design.

“The ownership group was looking for a value-engineered option to help save on their bottom line,” said Ira Timmerman, Southeast Lighting & Design project designer. “We were able to provide a lighting package that met their lighting requirements and saved a significant amount of money.”

After completing a photometric analysis, Southeast Lighting & Design created a site design that provided 119 LED area light fixtures, 22 LED decorative post top fixtures, 92 direct burial aluminum light poles with engineered wind load calculations, and various LED wall pack and LED canopy fixtures. Using a combination of different light distributions, Southeast Lighting & Design optimized illumination around the site’s center and eliminated dark areas and hot spots.

The Monarch Town Center at the intersection of Flamingo Road and Miramar Parkway hosts a number of national retail chains in addition to the Publix, such as Planet Fitness, Ross, AutoZone, Five Below and Great Clips.

According to Southeast Lighting & Design’s Graham Brown, shopping centers anchored by brands like Publix Super Markets, Winn Dixie and Kroger demand exacting lighting standards, and the Central Florida LED provider has become an expert in the segment. Publix requires a 5 foot-candle average on the ground throughout its parking lots, along with a 3 foot-candle minimum.

Southeast Lighting & Design has developed photometric plans for dozens of grocery-anchored centers using its in-depth knowledge of photometrics, LED fixtures, light poles and custom bracketry. LEDs provide plazas like Monarch Town Center unmatched energy and maintenance savings. In addition to saving money, shopping center lighting upgrades increase road appeal, attract new tenants, draw in customers, enhance safety and eliminate light pollution.

“Publix is extremely strict on their lighting minimums, and they only let a few companies provide their LED site lighting fixtures,” Timmerman said. “We have consistently delivered on the promise to meet these requirements and also to lower energy bills and provide better lighting for our customers.”

Additional shopping plaza projects completed by Southeast Lighting & Design in Florida include the Publix-anchored Alafaya Square Shopping Center in Oviedo, Publix-anchored Tower Square and Hunters Crossing in Gainesville, Winn Dixie-anchored Mariner Village in Spring Hill, Winn-Dixie anchored Palatka Marketplace in Putnam County, Winn-Dixie anchored Shops at Cape Coral in Lee County, Cheddar’s Ocala Center in Marion County, Park View Shopping Center in Osceola County and Vero Beach Square in Indian River County.

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Southeast Brings Solar Lighting to Central Florida RV Resort

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Southeast Lighting & Design’s top-of-the-line LED Solar Area Light shines on RV park, saving big on energy and installation.

The Resort at Canopy Oaks was to be a premier Central Florida destination for campers and recreational vehicle travelers. Sunlight Resorts would outfit its first greenfield property with luxurious cottages, waterfront paver sites, salons and spas, pickleball courts, fishing docks, hot tubs and pools.

All the Lake Wales, Florida, location needed was the right site lighting to make guests comfortable at night.

The answer was Southeast Lighting & Design’s All-in-One LED Solar Area Light, which requires no wiring. The solar panels and lithium batteries are built into the LED fixtures, providing up to 16,800 lumens without any outside power source. Sunlight Resorts was able to save over six figures by not having to run underground wiring throughout the site. The savings eclipsed the total cost of the solar lighting package Southeast Lighting & Design provided.

“As far as quality goes, our solar fixture is in a class by itself,” Southeast Lighting & Design Project Designer Ira Timmerman said. “And with the combination of LED efficiency and solar power, the savings are hard to even wrap the mind around. The savings on installation, combined with not having a power bill, makes the solar lighting a no-brainer for new construction projects in many different industries.”

After extensive site planning and photometric plan analyses, Southeast Lighting & Design provided 68 solar-powered LED fixtures to be installed across the Canopy Oaks site. Each is mounted on Southeast Lighting & Design’s heavy duty direct burial fiberglass light poles and custom brackets. The 120-watt, all-in-one solar fixtures provide easy maintenance—their lithium LiFEPO4 batteries can be changed in-place—and light equivalent to a 400-watt metal halide fixture.

Now open to the public, the Polk County-based Resort at Canopy Oaks is the premier destination Sunlight Resorts always intended it to be. Company owners Tristan Farrell and Chris Miller are in the process of opening two more locations, in Ocala and Sebring, Florida, and looking forward to the immense savings that come from working with Tampa Bay-based lighting contractor Southeast Lighting & Design.

“They’ve told us they are extremely happy with the new lighting,” Timmerman said. “And we can’t wait to complete their additional projects in the near future.”

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For agricultural wholesalers, LEDs can plant a seed for efficiency

Production-Quality Lighting

For agricultural wholesalers, LEDs can plant a seed for efficiency.

In businesses where seeing matters, lighting matters.

Southeast Lighting & Design, based in St Petersburg, Florida, recently completed LED installations for several food preparation companies, where employees must be able to see what they’re doing to be efficient.

“For product preparation markets, we’re finding customers come to us and don’t even realize they stand to save 50% on their power bill, while nearly doubling the light output,” Southeast Lighting & Design Project Developer Ira Timmerman said. “They might eventually appreciate the savings, but at the end of the day, for these companies it’s all about lighting efficiency and quality.”

For Nickerson Dairy in Zolfo Springs, Florida, Southeast Lighting & Design recently installed 18 200-watt high bay LED fixtures in place of the family farm’s legacy 400-watt metal halides. According to Logan Nickerson, the family knew they needed to replace their lighting because the old fixtures constantly broke down and took too long to start in the morning. The new LED lights over the company’s milking floor illuminate immediately when the day starts, require less maintenance, and shed daytime quality light on the dairy cows.

Timmerman said the Nickersons knew they wanted LED lights when they came to Southeast Lighting & Design, and his team was able to optimize the lumen output required and wattage necessary for the entire Central Florida milking facility. “They were tired of not being able to see,” Timmerman said. “We looked at what they had before, examined multiple mounting heights, and dialed everything in.”

Nickerson is one of almost a dozen product preparation firms Southeast Lighting & Design has serviced across Florida’s agriculture-rich regions. The Gulf Coast-based LED services firm also recently completed a job for Burgin Farms Quality Produce in Plant City and Wauchula, Florida, where the firm’s fluorescent tube lighting had become too unreliable and dim to keep the packing facility operating smoothly.

Timmerman recommended Burgin Farms install 200-watt circular high bays over the area in which the company stores and sorts produce. The upgrade satisfied regulators at the Florida Department of Agriculture and USDA and increased Burgin Farms’ efficiency.

“For these product markets, we can offer a top-end LED like our ceiling-mounted square high bays or the more cost-effective circular high bays,” Timmerman said. “The high bay is our bread and butter, and these packing houses are tall and wide, which makes them a perfect match for the fixture.”

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LED Solar Area Light Tampa Florida Clearwater Florida Central Florida Pinellas County Hillsborough County

Southeast Lighting & Design Introduces the New All-In-One LED Solar Area Light

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  • No wiring required
  • All-in-one lighting system: Solar panel, battery, charging system and LEDs in one unit; no mounting of separate solar panel
  • Easy maintenance: Battery can be changed with fixture still on light pole
  • Fixture mounts to pole tenon without custom bracketry or support arm
  • 5 year warranty
  • Up to 16,800 lumens: 400 watt metal halide equivalent

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  • Easily Interchangeable Battery
  • All-in-One: No Separate Panel or Battery
  • Tenon Top Mount: Works With Standard Light Poles
  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket for Tillable Fixture
  • 140 Lumens per Watt
  • LiFePO4 Battery: Over 2,500 Cycle Lifespan
  • MPPT Charge Controller: Up to 30% More Efficient Charging
  • Philips Brand LED chips
  • IP68 Rated


  • Battery Cannot Be Changed: Fixture Must Be Replaced
  • Separate Solar Panel Requires Custom Pole
  • Support Arm Requires Custom Pole/Bracket
  • Fixed Mounting: No Tilt
  • 120 Lumens per Watt
  • Lithium Ion Battery: 500 Cycle Lifespan
  • PMW Charge Controller
  • Low-End LED Chips
  • IP65 Rated   |   727-944-3500   |

Tennis Anyone?

Southeast Lighting & Design has seen a rapid increase in athletic court lighting installations.

Southeast Lighting & Design’s Graham Brown predicted in October 2018 that sports court lighting would be a growth market for the Tampa Bay-area company. But even Brown has been surprised at how successful the sector—including tennis court lighting, pickleball court lighting, basketball court lighting and other courts—has been.

“LEDs are just ideal for the outdoor recreational sports setting,” Brown said. “Not only are they less expensive to operate and maintain, they reduce glare and improve playing conditions. They’re a winner all around.”

Since 2018, Southeast Lighting & Design has installed LED lighting over a significant number of tennis courts, as well as several basketball courts across the state of Florida. Southeast Lighting & Design is not alone. Countless universities across the country have turned to LEDs for their athletics facilities, and installation data indicates municipal and private sports court managers countrywide are turning to LEDs to save money on high-quality site lighting.

“LED tennis courts are becoming the preferred solution in areas with high energy costs,” said one tennis court lighting expert. “Beyond extreme energy efficiency, LED luminaires reduce light trespass and virtually eliminate maintenance.”

According to Brown, tennis courts thrive under LED fixtures, usually hung at 18 to 22 feet. Unique lenses, recessed LEDs and directional lighting reduce glare. And the lights’ optical systems are optimized to illuminate courts’ primary playing area (PPA). The PPA extends 10 feet behind each baseline and 6 feet beyond the sidelines.

The light levels inside the PPA are measured through photometric studies, which Southeast Lighting & Design completes in-house for every court lighting project. The criteria measured through the photometric studies include the average maintained horizontal footcandles, minimum maintained footcandles and maximum uniformity ratio of footcandles. The measurements determine the specific class of lighting installed on the court. The classes are based on play level—for example, Class I is professional and Class II is collegiate.

Included in the sports complex jobs completed by Southeast Lighting & Design are Tampa Palms, a planned community in New Tampa just north of the University of South Florida. Southeast Lighting & Design provided Tampa Palms a photometric analysis showing eight 450-watt LED area lights could provide ideal lighting across the entire playing area. The LED replacement of Tampa Palms’ legacy metal halide fixtures fit on four new concrete lighting poles, also provided by Southeast Lighting & Design.

“We are very happy with the end result of the product—we are very happy with what Southeast Lighting & Design came up with,” Tampa Palms North Owner Association Manager Deborah Paul said. “On the older halide fixtures, every time the lights went out, we had to bring out the lift, and it was quite expensive.”

Southeast Lighting & Design has also completed multiple court lighting projects throughout the City of Safety Harbor, Live Oaks Reserve in Oviedo, Eastwood Tennis Courts in Orlando, Village of Woodland Hills in Palm Harbor and Advenir Magnolia in Orlando. For Safety Harbor, Southeast Lighting & Design replaced 16 1,000-watt metal halide bulbs over two Marshall Street Park tennis courts with LED fixtures. Southeast Lighting & Design engineers determined they could produce the required amount of light with just eight 600-watt LED lights. On Safety Harbor’s Marshall Street racquetball courts, Southeast Lighting & Design replaced eight 1,000-watt metal halides with eight 320-watt LED streetlights.

“LEDs are a no-brainer for so many market segments, but perhaps none more than court lighting,” Brown said. “I’ll say it again—we expect this market to keep growing. And we’ll be there for folks when they decide to make the move.”

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Service With a Shine

An auto and tire center upgraded its car care with improved lighting from Southeast Lighting & Design.

Goodyear Leone Auto Repair & Tire, Oldsmar, Florida, was having trouble with its lights, and the darkness was affecting all aspects of the auto service center’s business.

Goodyear’s technicians either couldn’t see what they were doing, or they dealt with sub-optimal conditions to account for the lack of lighting. Lighting maintenance and power costs were too high. And customers couldn’t be serviced quickly and efficiently.

Southeast Lighting & Design had the solution to put the Pinellas Country-based Goodyear outlet on track to have a great year, replacing the company’s legacy lighting with LED fixtures throughout its service area.

“I am just really happy with the light quality itself,” company President Nick Leone said. “I can’t say anything bad about it. The techs are really happy, and the light quality is amazing.”

Prior to installing the new LED lighting—efficient high bays down the middle of the service area, and 4-foot linear low bays between each work center—Goodyear Leone operated 8-foot fluorescent tube lighting throughout its facility on Tampa Road. The lights often went out, and when they were working, they didn’t provide enough illumination for technicians to see what they were doing. The Central Florida service center frequently had to open its doors to let in enough light to work. On hot days, conditions were stifling. On cloudy days, light was still an issue.

“They wanted to replace the tubes in the existing fixtures,” Southeast Lighting & Design’s Graham Brown said. “That would’ve helped, but it was not going to be the best solution.”

After completing a photometric plan, Brown and his team came up with the current configuration. The result was daylight-like lighting regardless of conditions and shadow elimination regardless of car positioning.

“Better lighting makes it easier to work—you can just see things better,” Leone said. “If it’s raining out or overcast, we still don’t have dark spots in the shop. The use of [supplemental] lights has gone down drastically.”

Leone said his Goodyear facility has also seen a drop in its energy bill, using nearly 1,000 watts less energy each month. And that reduction is even with longer hourly lighting use.

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LED Lighting SHopping Center Jacksonville Florida North Florida

Florida Bank Makes Investment with LEDs

Wauchula State Bank uses LEDs to bring its exterior lighting up to code and save money in the process.

Wauchula State Bank in Florida needed new site lighting to meet state illumination requirements, and Southeast Lighting & Design’s LED lighting was the first place the company turned.

“We were committed to LED because we knew it was more efficient, and we knew we would be able to get a lot more consistency out of it,” said Toby Sapp, Wauchula State Bank maintenance technician.

The banking group is in the process of transitioning its eight Central Florida branches to 100% LED lighting, and Sapp said Southeast Lighting & Design has been nearly flawless in helping it achieve its mission so far.

“Southeast Lighting & Design is easy to work with and has a representative we can reach out to and have on the phone and present usually within minutes, not hours,” Sapp said. “Southeast Lighting & Design stands behind its product and gives us a level of confidence we are very much in need of.”

Since starting work with Wauchula, Southeast Lighting & Design has updated the parking lot lighting at multiple branches to ensure it meets the safety requirements of customers and regulators. Southeast Lighting & Design has also installed LED lighting under several of Wauchula’s canopies and provided wall pack lighting for drive through facilities. In all cases, Southeast Lighting & Design has provided photometric plans to ensure Wauchula has the foot candles on the ground it needs.

“The customer and Sapp knew what they wanted in terms of light quality, and we knew how to get them there,” Southeast Lighting & Design Technical Manager Graham Brown said.

Southeast Lighting & Design has also provided interior lighting for Wauchula, and Sapp said the company has exceeded his expectations on all dimensions.

“Whenever we have the opportunity, we have recommended Southeast Lighting & Design to others in the area,” Sapp said.

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Southeast Shines New Light on Florida Agriculture with LED Lighting Solution

Southeast Lighting & Design’s partnership with a produce company has improved working conditions and the client’s bottom line.

Inside a Veg-King of Florida packing plant, summer watermelons pour in by the busload. Workers on the line sort each passing melon by hand according to size, shape and color. They shout numbers—“36! 45! 60!”—as they categorize each melon. Once they’re cleaned and packed, the melons are stacked on pallets to await shipping to your local supermarket.

For more than 55 years, the Harris family has operated Veg-King in Central Florida, growing the business from its early days as a 50 by 50-foot facility in the small town of Bowling Green, FL. But this year, the watermelon house is looking a lot brighter.

Instead of firing up outdated metal halide light fixtures, waiting through humming, flickering and a five-minute warm up, D.R. Harris can now get right to work when he arrives at the plant. Why? Veg-King and Southeast Lighting & Design worked together in early May to install new high Bay LEDs,

Veg-King workers are now wasting no time waiting on lights, and with higher wattage fixtures over the sorting area, they are able to see the difference. “They’ve been great. We’ve been able to actually work faster now that watermelons are being sorted quicker,” Harris said.

And with supermarkets like Publix as customers, Veg-King has a lot of orders to fill.

“We’re sending out around half a million pounds of watermelon a day,” Harris said.

Veg-King plans to fit all its locations with high bay LEDs during the off season. That includes a packing house 50 yards from the watermelon facility, where they’ve been preparing produce since early spring. Veg-King is currently moving about 2,500 bushels of cucumbers a day.

Harris is a third generation produce broker who understands the importance of implementing new and innovative technologies into business operations. “Things are different from 55 years ago,” he said. “We have to adapt to new technology to keep the produce moving.” With Southeast Lighting & Design’s cutting edge LED technology, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

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