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Solar Lighting – RV Park

In today’s world, functionality is key. In Lake Wales, FL- a new luxury RV resort has sprung up among the scrubs and pines. This isn’t your typical RV resort, though. Sunlight Resorts new Florida RV resort, Canopy Oaks, boasts luxury cottages, waterfront RV sites, a salon and spa- as well as tennis courts and a bar. There’s something else that also makes this RV resort unique- Solar.

Instead of the traditional process of burying electrical wiring for the site lighting, this innovative RV resort is taking a new approach by lighting its new RV sites with Solar Area lighting. This new approach not only is practical in reducing their footprint, but also helped them save over 6 figures on installation and product.

New Solar technology allows larger sites to use the technology without separate panels. We can provide up to 120 Watts and around 17,000 lumens without compromising clarity and optics. Central Florida and especially the Tampa Bay Area have great weather for solar applications. Even with the occasional cloudy or rainy day- the lithium batteries on our Solar Area Lights have the ability to store enough power for 5 days’ worth of back-up lighting without compromising performance. Our Solar Area light is completely customizable. You can change the lighting output times to cater to your individual needs. More light when you need it- less light when it isn’t necessary.

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