LEDs Join the New Wave of Farming Technology

Sorting, washing, packing, shipping, repeat- that’s the day-to-day grind for most in the farming and agricultural sector. When you think of farming, you think of day’s old traditions passed down from generation to generation.

You’d be wrong.

Today, farming is one of the most technologically advanced fields we see. We see new technology in tractors and other equipment that makes the process as efficient as possible. That’s the same approach we see at Veg King in Central Florida. One of the first packing houses to go full LED in central Florida- Veg King has brought a new standard to the process. We were able to completely customize the lighting plan. We provided higher wattages and different lens types in areas where they needed it most while maximizing the overall efficiency of the lighting plan by reducing wattages where it wasn’t needed as much. LEDs in agriculture are becoming more prevalent. Veg King’s D.R. Harris, a 4th generation farmer, told us, “We’re able to provide our buyers will higher quality produce. The new LEDs give us the ability to see imperfections we normally wouldn’t have caught. That’s huge for us as a company. We’re able to load our produce onto the trucks for market with more confidence.”

“Farming is an ever-evolving field. Being able to provide Central Florida growers and packing houses with industry-leading LED technology was a big step forward for us. We’re always looking for new ways to improve our energy use. Being able to help them solve an issue they didn’t know they had as well as lower their energy consumption feels great.”