Southeast Brings Solar Lighting to Central Florida RV Resort

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Southeast Lighting & Design’s top-of-the-line LED Solar Area Light shines on RV park, saving big on energy and installation.

The Resort at Canopy Oaks was to be a premier Central Florida destination for campers and recreational vehicle travelers. Sunlight Resorts would outfit its first greenfield property with luxurious cottages, waterfront paver sites, salons and spas, pickleball courts, fishing docks, hot tubs and pools.

All the Lake Wales, Florida, location needed was the right site lighting to make guests comfortable at night.

The answer was Southeast Lighting & Design’s All-in-One LED Solar Area Light, which requires no wiring. The solar panels and lithium batteries are built into the LED fixtures, providing up to 16,800 lumens without any outside power source. Sunlight Resorts was able to save over six figures by not having to run underground wiring throughout the site. The savings eclipsed the total cost of the solar lighting package Southeast Lighting & Design provided.

“As far as quality goes, our solar fixture is in a class by itself,” Southeast Lighting & Design Project Designer Ira Timmerman said. “And with the combination of LED efficiency and solar power, the savings are hard to even wrap the mind around. The savings on installation, combined with not having a power bill, makes the solar lighting a no-brainer for new construction projects in many different industries.”

After extensive site planning and photometric plan analyses, Southeast Lighting & Design provided 68 solar-powered LED fixtures to be installed across the Canopy Oaks site. Each is mounted on Southeast Lighting & Design’s heavy duty direct burial fiberglass light poles and custom brackets. The 120-watt, all-in-one solar fixtures provide easy maintenance—their lithium LiFEPO4 batteries can be changed in-place—and light equivalent to a 400-watt metal halide fixture.

Now open to the public, the Polk County-based Resort at Canopy Oaks is the premier destination Sunlight Resorts always intended it to be. Company owners Tristan Farrell and Chris Miller are in the process of opening two more locations, in Ocala and Sebring, Florida, and looking forward to the immense savings that come from working with Tampa Bay-based lighting contractor Southeast Lighting & Design.

“They’ve told us they are extremely happy with the new lighting,” Timmerman said. “And we can’t wait to complete their additional projects in the near future.”

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